Quanity and Quality: Moving on Up!

Lots of action this moth it seems. It seems like perserverance does pay off. We all hear it all the time, but come on through. This July I had Book three in my Beneath 5th series come out... and a story calle Rose of the Deadlands on Kindle Vella (Amazon's new serial platform) And both … Continue reading Quanity and Quality: Moving on Up!

NEWS! Giveaway, Anthology and Parties

August is shaping up to be a busy month for me. On a personal level, I get to go back to school shopping for the first time, try to get the kiddo to his next day camp, and try to get him to see his grandmother before summer is over. But no one wants to … Continue reading NEWS! Giveaway, Anthology and Parties


Another week gone past. The sun is out, the grass is mowed and I spent hours staring up at our pine trees. Staring, thinking and writing but also reading. Does anyone else have those books they just read over and over… and over. Well I do, I think I’ve read some as many as a … Continue reading Kiki