Quanity and Quality: Moving on Up!

Lots of action this moth it seems. It seems like perserverance does pay off. We all hear it all the time, but come on through. This July I had Book three in my Beneath 5th series come out... and a story calle Rose of the Deadlands on Kindle Vella (Amazon's new serial platform) And both … Continue reading Quanity and Quality: Moving on Up!

#1… It’s Such a Pretty Number

I recieved a peice of exciting news today. For the first time I got to see the prettiest of numbers attached to a book I'm involved with. You know what number I mean #1!!! Monsters, Movies and Mayhem was #1 in new release horror anthologies. https://books2read.com/u/mYpvwd I feel like with all the bad news going … Continue reading #1… It’s Such a Pretty Number


Another week gone past. The sun is out, the grass is mowed and I spent hours staring up at our pine trees. Staring, thinking and writing but also reading. Does anyone else have those books they just read over and over… and over. Well I do, I think I’ve read some as many as a … Continue reading Kiki