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Bone Yard

Being a death mage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Voyaging the stars was Flynt’s dream, until she got the chance.

Rather than fighting daring space battles with her newfound powers, Flynt finds herself hiding from a fearful universe. And the man she dreamed of battling alongside, evades her attempts at even friendship, let alone romance. Just when she thinks things can’t get worse, Flynt’s predecessor attempts to rise from the dead and conquer the living universe.
A choice between living in shadow or watching her world burn isn’t what Flynt had in mind.

Bone River

Haunted by a tragic loss, one woman defies the laws of magic. But will the cost of freedom claim her last breath? If you like relentless heroines, mind-blowing worldbuilding, and epic battles against evil, then you’ll love this spellbinding tale. Tap the link to buy the book today!

Get your copy of Beneath Fifth City now!

Beneath Fifth City (click to order from Amazon): A series starter for the Fifth City Chronicles.

Earth’s invaders gave her a choice…

Submit or die.

Jaisa has never been the obedient type.

The aliens call themselves gods and inform Earth’s survivors that they are creating a utopia. Jaisa knows that no utopia can be built on billions of human deaths. A little obedience is a small, and temporary, price to stay alive while she figures out how she can make a difference.

Placed into a position of influence, she walks the line between nonconformity and death. On the surface, pretty little Jaisa is the perfect submissive doll—but she knows the power of hope, and she intends to keep it alive. (Join my e-mail list for extra insights and a prequel.)

Order from Amazon Here!!!

Book 2 of Fith City Chonicles Project Eo!
Book 3 of 5th City Chronicles!!!

Spider’s Kiss. My first novel on Amazon!

Silvia is a spider queen without a throne. Having escaped the destruction of her race of shape-shifter spiders, Silvia has lived her life enslaved in the bowels of the galaxy’s most infamous brothel. Her confinement keeps humanity safe from her powerful kiss, which brings death, insanity, or worse: contamination by the Drambish gene, converting the victim to one of her spider brethren. Dead set on obtaining freedom and rebuilding her race, Silvia focuses in on the one man who stands between her and her goals.

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Book 2 of the Drambish Contaminate trilogy Spider’s Gambit is available.

You can find it here:

The final book in the Drambish Contaminate Trilogy: Spider’s Choice

My short story Atropos Green is included in the Monsters Movies and Mayhem anthology published by Wordfire Press.

You can order this anthology from Amazon at : Monsters Movies and Mayhem

Finally a new story released on Kindle Vella (Amazon’s new serial story site)… Rose of the Deadlands!

As a seer, Saiette knows about destiny. She wants to know about life. After 19 years concealed in a small village waiting for the happy ending she foretold for herself, her handsome prince arrives. But he’s more love-soured than sweet, and his only concern is saving his sister from a magical poison draining her, infecting the land, and resurrecting undead forces. Saiette must put aside her own happy ending. If she can’t locate the poison’s source, there may be no future for anyone.


My short story “AWAKE” is included in the Once Upon Now anthology published by Gallery books.

You can order this anthology from Amazon at:


My short story “Crimson Hour” was published by Diabolical Plots and can be purchased on Amazon in a kindle anthology. This story also won first in its group in the NYC Midnight short story writing contest. Purchase the anthology at:


My story “Rusalka Lake” Is included in the Heart of Devil anthology.

You and order this anthology from Amazon at:


Two of my short stories “Playing Santa” & “Miles to Go” are included in Crypticon Seattle’s De-Compositions 2017

This collection can be purchased on amazon at:


My short story “Outwitting Alexa was published in an anthology called Nemesis of Wattpad scifi authors. Here is a link to order:

Undeath By Chocolate

My short story “Elaina’s Kiss” was published in an anthology called Undeath by Chocolate. This is a compilation of horror and paranormal stories. Here’s a link to order:

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My completed novella Deprivation is on Wattpad:

Dep option 2

On waking up to find a dismembered arm protruding from the floor, Claudia knows her privileged world will never be the same.  It is all because she is guilty of falling in love, which is a sin no proper Victorian girl would commit.

Regardless of her fault in the matter, she will have to face terrors she never dreamed if she is ever to escape her prison.

My short story Little Cracks was published on Acidic fiction on April 17, 2015

Other mentions:

An excerpt of my Space Opera, Lonely Twin placed as a finalist in the PNWA’s literary contest in 2015. This work is not available online, but hopefully someday it will be available for purchase. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

My short story “Suneater” placed as a finalist in the PNWA’s Literary contest in 2016.

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