Runner Up is Fine by me

Ever won anything? Not me. I figure, I’m saving all my good luck for something big. I happily collect rejection letters. If I only win one in one hundred,  I better grab up those first ninety-nine.

So, seeing my name as runner up in a writing competition is huge.

Check out the entry:

When I wrote Our Children Grow and entered it was more about practice writing for a prompt than with visions of glory. I’ll accept no naysaying either, runner up is glorious. Because its someone, who isn’t my mom, telling me ‘Wow, you really are good enough.’

Keep trying. Try harder. Try more often. I got that down. But sometimes its nice to hear, from someone who might know, your trying will pay off. I think as a writer, as an artist, as a person, you don’t survive if you don’t let the little victories feel monumental.




I’m one of those insane people that needs to write out a list in order to get anything done. Not because I’ll lose track or I think I’ll forget something. Until I write my goals down I have this overwhelming looming feeling of being overwhelmed. Rather than responding sanely to having a plethora of tasks to complete, I shut down and do nothing. If I didn’t have to get out of bed in the morning I’d probably just hide under the covers 24/7.

Thus after weeks of sleeping too much and hands shaking, I sat down and wrote out the things I needed to do. Once I write it down it looks so small.

So I did it. Not all of it yet but a good 2/3’s of my list is already completed. A large portion of that being setting up this lovely sight (and calling a preschool to schedule a viewing, but that is neither here nor there in terms of my writing.) Once I set up a facebook author profile I’ll be good to go.

Yes you read that right. I was overwhelmed to the point of sluggishness by three things on my to do list. In my defense all the usual things were on there as well. These were just three additional.