Little Cracks

With no more ado…

The link to my published work on Acidic Fiction!

 Go ahead and click…I dare you 🙂 Its my first published work so I admit I may be a little over excited.

In honor of breaking the barrier between author hopeful and published author, I posted an extra chapter to my novel Spider’s Game on Wattpad.

 Now that I have showered you with links…Pictures! Since Little Cracks was inspired by a real doll from my youth, I thought it seemed apt to share the doll. I won’t say much more than that but both me and my brother were terrorized by this doll in our youth. I much like the girl in my short story, was a lonely shy little thing and even though I was terrified of the doll…like nightmare terrified…I still considered her my friend and used to sneak down the stairs into our garage to hold her and talk to her.

Creepy doll near her natural envoirment...the bottom of dark stairs.

Creepy doll near her natural environment…the bottom of dark stairs.

The author with the creepy doll

The author with the creepy doll

Close up on the cracks and demon eyes

Close up on the cracks and demon eyes

New Generation to Scare Doll Horror


March May be my New Favorite Month

I didn’t expect to be making a post like this one…especially not after my last post. Another wonderful first occurred. My Flash Fiction piece Little Cracks has been picked up by Acidic Fiction. Don’t know a lot of details yet, and I’m not sure I could process details anyway.

I wrote my first book when I was five. It was about plants which I spelled plans…because I was five.

The point is that is how long I’ve wanted this. Growing up most kids had all these ideas about what they wanted to be. Most kids oscillated. Not me. I always wanted to be an author. Even when my parents cautioned me that maybe it would be a good idea to have a backup plan.

The idea that someone is willing to pay me for my writing is so overwhelming there isn’t a lot of brain space left over for puny things like specifics. What I know is that Acidic Fiction is a free online magazine that publishes anthologies of its best stories. When my story goes up, I will post a link directly to it.