Because… It’s 2020

Over and over this year I've heard "... but then we couldn't because of covid." or/and "of course that went wrong because it's 2020" But 2020 is nearly over. I could post a monologue about all that has gone wrong in my life. But the truth is, I'd rather look hopefully forward to changes. Someday … Continue reading Because… It’s 2020

The Author’s Fan Art

Who says you can't do fan art for your own stories? As the date for Spider's Gambit's release comes closer (August 19th... I swear I'm over here biting my nails!) I thought it would be fun for me to review some of the covers I tried to make myself... no not as in using a … Continue reading The Author’s Fan Art

Jessesprague presents: Dialogue, Tentacles and Tightropes

  Writing dialogue is an author’s equivalent of tightrope walking. It’s all about balance…and of course a little flare. I’ve heard tons of advice on how to craft the perfect dialogue—often contradictory. I’ve had missteps in my learning curve (falling from a tightrope isn’t pretty. Everyone needs practice. No one does it right the first … Continue reading Jessesprague presents: Dialogue, Tentacles and Tightropes