What if the Aliens won?

A number of years ago I asked myself a question when watching an alien invasion movie. What if humanity lost the war? And after all when faced with a race capable of reaching our planet with war weapons... it would be silly to think we would win. From that question and one more (namely: what … Continue reading What if the Aliens won?

Because… It’s 2020

Over and over this year I've heard "... but then we couldn't because of covid." or/and "of course that went wrong because it's 2020" But 2020 is nearly over. I could post a monologue about all that has gone wrong in my life. But the truth is, I'd rather look hopefully forward to changes. Someday … Continue reading Because… It’s 2020

Jessesprague presents: Dialogue, Tentacles and Tightropes

  Writing dialogue is an author’s equivalent of tightrope walking. It’s all about balance…and of course a little flare. I’ve heard tons of advice on how to craft the perfect dialogue—often contradictory. I’ve had missteps in my learning curve (falling from a tightrope isn’t pretty. Everyone needs practice. No one does it right the first … Continue reading Jessesprague presents: Dialogue, Tentacles and Tightropes