Spider’s Gambit

Wow, life gets crazy. November has Nano and then December has the holiday season. I haven't had a moment of downtime in months! So updates, I posted some possible covers a while back...but then I redesigned everything. Wednesday I will finally be posting Spider's Gambit on Wattpad. Blurb: Silvia Black is marked for extermination by … Continue reading Spider’s Gambit

Accepting a Knife to the Kidneys (With a Smile)

Taking a knife to the kidneys with grace is an art form. And by knife to the kidneys I mean, of course, taking a critique. I’ve ranted before on the different type of critiquers and how some of them honestly just aren’t helpful and I still believe that. Critiquing is an art that’s learned, (a … Continue reading Accepting a Knife to the Kidneys (With a Smile)