2019-03-30 10.53.04-2Something about the feel of pen and paper has always been a special form of ecstasy. That’s probably why I took so long to put any of my writing online– it felt like a treachery to my stacks of paperbacks.  There is a point at which even I must join the modern world and this feels like the moment.


2019-05-02 15.54.46

A little about me, I am a proud mother. I live with my little man and my wonderful husband in the gloomy greater Seattle area. For those who have never been here that means some of the most beautiful views nature can offer, mountain ranges, lakes, forests…and almost always to the backdrop of cloudy skies.

I am a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association as well as being an Amazon author and writer on Wattpad & TAP by Wattpad (My user name accross the board is jessesprague. So I’m easy to find!). In addition to the stories I have posted online and the stories I have published, I have two novels and a novella completed, just looking for polish and publication.


I offer editing/proofreading services at:



You can find me at:






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