Rose of the Deadlands is Here

Ready for a world of adventure, romance, and magic? Rose of the Deadlands is that and more!

As a seer, Saiette knows about destiny.

She wants to know about life.

For nineteen years, Saiette’s parents have hidden her between the borders of Birdwyn and Felinia from the powerful people who would imprison her for her powers. Her only chance at freedom is to find an even more powerful protector. So she’s put life and love on hold, waiting for the idyllic future she foretold.

However, when her handsome prince finally arrives, he’s more love-soured than sweet, and he’s not interested in adventure. His only concern is stopping a magical poison that is draining his sister, infecting the land, and breaking down the border between the Deadlands and the living world. He needs Saiette’s visions to guide him to the source of the poison.

As undead creatures rise from infected fissures in the land, the kingdom is in danger of being overrun by an ancient litch. Saiette must put aside her own idea of a happy ending. If she can’t find a cure in her visions, there may be no future for anyone. Read this fantasy romance series now to find your escape to a kingdom of love, life, and death.

Step into a world of forbidden love, magic, and adventure in the must-read fantasy romance novel only on

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