December Files Release

There’s nothing better than a book for the holidays!

Some creepy fun for the holidays always gets me in a festive spirit… so if you are the same, I’ve got quite a treat for you!

Santa’s making a list

A Dead List

Dr. Harris’ infamous psychiatric patient, Fiona, harbors some disturbing ideas about Christmas and Santa’s lists: The Naughty List, the Nice List, and the Dead List. But when his twisted client requests he look at a few stories, Dr. Harris sees no harm in humoring her. One after another, he reads the stories and becomes increasingly disturbed by what he finds:

Too Much to Ask: Holly’s job is killer. Even getting the day off for Christmas may end up being too much to ask.

Playing Santa: Naomi envisions a perfect Christmas for her children, but sometimes the harder we try, the worse things get.

Red Shoes: It’s a dirty, dirty world and Starla simply wants to clean it up.

Previous Tenant: Some places are cursed. Maybe some people are too.

But the most gruesome story may be the one that Fiona and Dr. Harris are in the middle of acting out.

Click to enjoy a little horror with your holiday!

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