Bone Yard Release

Book 2 in the Aspect Wars is now out on Amazon!

Flynt’s voyage into the unknown continues and you can join her (from a safe distance.)

Voyaging the stars was Flynt’s dream until she got the chance.

Being a death mage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Rather than fighting daring space battles with her newfound powers, Flynt finds herself hiding from a fearful universe. And the man she dreamed of battling alongside evades her attempts at even friendship, let alone romance. Just when she thinks things can’t get worse, Flynt’s predecessor attempts to rise from the dead and conquer the living universe.

A choice between existing in shadow or watching her world burn isn’t what Flynt had in mind.

With hostages captured on a distant planet, lives are already on the line. And while Flynt attempts to rescue her friends from the evil clutches of the undead mage trying to end the universe as Flynt knows it, a voice whispers to her that in nature, everyone dies. Alone and abandoned by the man she trusted, Flynt’s dreams are haunted by the promise of a new world order that welcomes death magic and those who wield it.

Even as she fights the undead forces and seeks to stop her predecessor once and for all, an alternative future of power and freedom calls to Flynt, threatening her sanity and the fate of the universe.

Adventures, magic, and space travel! Get all the adventure with none of the risk, read Bone Yard now!

Book 1: Bone River
Book 2: Bone Yard
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