A Halloween Treat

You know what’s better than candy for Halloween?

Candy and a book!

Savor some bite-sized horror stories along with your candy this Halloween.

This collection contains six haunting tales of witches, monsters, magical tunes, and black cats—everything a person needs to sit back and enjoy the Halloween spirit.

Laura’s Smile—A prisoner about to get parole contemplates his bloody crimes. He’s ready to move on, but is his victim?

Imaginary— The teen years are a time to leave the past behind. But some things refuse to be forgotten.

After The Piper—When the piper’s song takes the world’s children, all that’s left for the rest of humanity is empty spaces. One man, haunted by dreams of death, takes matters into his own hands.

What Starts with a Black Cat… — A grieving scientist tries to avenge the death of her cat. But meddling in matters of life and death can bring unexpected consequences.

Witch—Some monsters follow us from childhood. The witch under a woman’s bed followed her… and in their stalemate, the woman may be the one to change.

Miles to Go—The house in the country was supposed to be her sanctuary from the prying eyes of the city. But one night when her husband is away, a surprise visitor disrupts her peace.

Read this collection of dark, disturbing, and delightful tales… if you dare!

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