Quanity and Quality: Moving on Up!

Lots of action this moth it seems.

It seems like perserverance does pay off. We all hear it all the time, but come on through. This July I had Book three in my Beneath 5th series come out… and a story calle Rose of the Deadlands on Kindle Vella (Amazon’s new serial platform) And both are doing great…

But also I realized that as I move forward with all of this I’m far less tied to any one project. I can just have fun with them. Interesting how having “more” has benefits beyond just the upfront value of quanity. And Rose was a great project to feel that with because it is one of my favorite stories that I’ve ever written!

Last month I wasn’t too sure about anything… the huge heatwave in Seattle didn’t help things It was baking here. For a place that has only ever seen 100+ temperatures three times in recorded history getting three days of 100+ hurt. But all the prep for this month happened then so I’m back again to perserverance… plus I like pretty pictures… what can I say?

Speaking of pretty pictures…

Red Angel by Jesse Sprague/ book 3 in the Beneath 5th City Chronicles

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