Because… It’s 2020

Over and over this year I’ve heard “… but then we couldn’t because of covid.” or/and “of course that went wrong because it’s 2020”

But 2020 is nearly over.

I could post a monologue about all that has gone wrong in my life. But the truth is, I’d rather look hopefully forward to changes. Someday I’ll be able to leave my house again and visit with my friends and family… but until then… my mom has learned to use Zoom! My son may not be back at school but this time at home is allowing us to bond in a new way that I think will last.

Plus, our Halloween decorations this year rocked… do did my dog in a Dipper costume… so you know, JOY

Plus I changed the covers for my Drambish Contaminate novels.

So that was my 2020 minus all the bad stuff… because it’s 2020 we don’t need any more bad stuff!

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