The Author’s Fan Art

Who says you can’t do fan art for your own stories?

As the date for Spider’s Gambit‘s release comes closer (August 19th… I swear I’m over here biting my nails!) I thought it would be fun for me to review some of the covers I tried to make myself… no not as in using a program, as in drawing.


What is the relevance you ask? Because I realize that my Drambish Contaminate series is the only major work I did that I never created cover artwork for… and I was considering going to take a seat in the sun and doing some “fan art.” I have created art for this series before (just not covers). I drafted a block print of Marim… but I never got around to making the print.

So here a block print I made for a horror novel of mine titled Deprivation (to be published soon and with a much spiffier cover!)

And A draft cover I drew for a short story called Dark Spaces

And then of course the lovely drawings I did for the book my son and I wrote together… The Grumpy Old Man and the Cake… now these, they are amazing! (Don’t ask why the cake’s limbs are on fire… the was plotted by a six year old.)

I doubt I’ll ever try and make a cover for Spider’s Gambit… but it is being fun thinking about doing so. As much as I love to make my own fan art, I’d also love to see fans creations.

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