Spider’s Gambit Available August 19th

After an insane year, I am finally back on track to publish Spider’s Gambit, book 2 in the Drambish Contaminate Trilogy. This has been a long time coming but I promise it will be worth the wait!

Between family illness, Covid 19… and having my kiddo at home full time because of Covid 19, I was feeling like this would never come. As it stands, I am happy to present….

Spider’s Gambit (Book Two of the Drambish Contaminate novels): An adult science fantasy novel

Silvia Black is pitted in a high-stakes game against the Brothel, and checkmate equals death. As one of the last survivors of a race of shape-shifting spiders, her will to survive and her lust for revenge both point to the same strategy—exterminate her enemies before they find her. For the Spider Queen, friends are hard to come by, and her one-time victim Count Darith may be her only hope.

Darith Cortanis lost almost everything when he became entangled in Silvia’s scheming. Now, his former enemy could help him win back what he prizes most: his wife, Marim. Held captive by the Brothel and her own mind, Marim is worth any sacrifice.

Although Silvia’s and Darith’s paths may run together, loyalty among adversaries can be fleeting. Their final gambit pulls friends and enemies alike onto the board. The pieces are moving, but will the Queen be left standing?

In a game of strategy, it pays to think about the long run.

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