Spider’s Kiss is Live!




I’m both excited and a bit scared. My first novel is now up on Amazon. While I’ve had shorts published before, this is a whole new world for me. A fun world, but definately all new!

So far I’m really happy with the reviews and excited to see more go up in the days/weeks/months to follow! I didn’t expect my first book to do so well in the early days so everything has been a pleasant surprise… even my first negative review!

“Silvia and Hali’s deserve to die and with no connection to any of the characters I could not finish this book. Disappointing.

They make great villains, but with no heroes or heroines to oppose them this makes for a dark dark read”

Not that I was dying for a bad review… but… at least it’s accurate. I write dark fiction. So, it’ll drive away the right people!

And the good reviews… well those are making my week. I feel so warm and fuzzy.

“Oh man. This is a dark and intriguing fantasy! I will never EVER look at spiders the same way. I actually had to stop myself from squishing one that crawled across my sheet for fear that Halis might show up.

This is a multi POV story and I love the way we get to see it unfold from a variety of characters in various shades of gray. Sweet Marim is the one I’m rooting for, but even the bad ones have started to grow on me…”

and… It’s like this next one somehow knew my two favorite authors ever…


“This book is pitch-black fantasy and I’ve never read anything like it. If you like Neil Gaiman or Tanith Lee, you will LOVE this book.”

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