Ruins & Angels- A Title Dilemna

Over the years, I’ve noticed a penchant in myself to go through manuscript titles compulsively. Typically I have a working title while I’m writing, then a title when I finish…followed of course by a new title when I decide I don’t like that one.

Why? If it made some sort of real difference to the story this compulsive need would make sense but its become almost like putting on a fresh dress to go to a party. I noted this when I moved my story Kingdom South (working title was Let Down Your Hair) to Radish and immediately renamed it Ruins. Then I realized I have done the same thing with every book I write.

Is this normal? I don’t know. Is it productive? Probably not but it helps keep me sane.

Much like my compulsive cover changing.

Speaking of, I got my cover for Angel’s Beneath 5th City (now calling it Beneath 5th City…don’t judge me.)



I’m having a ton of fun with these two stories on Radish Fiction… but I probably need to stop my messing at some point…maybe even…I don’t know…write?

I have a sneaking suspicion that all of this is based around my desire to be in some sort of control of the success of my books… which of course I have very little real control over.