Jesse Sprague

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Hi. My name is Jesse and I’m a compulsive writer

I can’t help it. I write prolifically. I write because I must! And luckily for you, my dear reader, the stories never stop.

What do I write?

I write fantasy because the world we live in can feel like a trap.

I write sci-fi because I like to toy with worlds, universes, and cultures. I like to play god. I write horror as a kind of decadence. I mean, who doesn’t like writing that bleeds?

Regardless of what type of speculative fiction I write, you can expect that it will be dark. Whether my inspiration comes from a shiver crawling up my spine while darting across a dark parking lot, a fascination with Gothic heroines and their delightful kidnappability, or a desire to build a world to suit a spiffy MMO character, that dark undercurrent of fear makes me feel alive.

So, if you enjoy science fiction and fantasy with an eye to horror, join my readers group.

I’d love to have you along for special sneak-peeks, cover reveals, free stories, and more! Just to show how special you are to me, I’ll start you off with an exclusive short story!


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Sunny days and a great place to write!

I’m a proud mother, wife, and gamer who lives in the gloomy greater Seattle area enjoying the beautiful mountain ranges, lakes, forests to the backdrop of cloudy skies.

I’m also a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

You can find me at:  Amazon | AudibleFacebook |  Twitter |  Instagram