Spider’s Kiss is Live!

E-book Paperback I'm both excited and a bit scared. My first novel is now up on Amazon. While I've had shorts published before, this is a whole new world for me. A fun world, but definately all new! So far I'm really happy with the reviews and excited to see more go up in the … Continue reading Spider’s Kiss is Live!

Spider’s Kiss Available December 13th

Exciting news! My book Spider's Kiss, the first book in the Drambish Contaminate series will be available for purchase on Amazon as of December 13th 2019 in both e-book and print format. This book has been years in the making and I'm so happy that it is finally on it's way to the world: Silvia … Continue reading Spider’s Kiss Available December 13th

Jessesprague presents: Dialogue, Tentacles and Tightropes

  Writing dialogue is an author’s equivalent of tightrope walking. It’s all about balance…and of course a little flare. I’ve heard tons of advice on how to craft the perfect dialogue—often contradictory. I’ve had missteps in my learning curve (falling from a tightrope isn’t pretty. Everyone needs practice. No one does it right the first … Continue reading Jessesprague presents: Dialogue, Tentacles and Tightropes